Under Section 64 (1) of the 1987 Road Transportation Act, an officer of road transportation can impound a vehicle for the purposes of identifying the operator, the vehicle or putting a stop to a continual offence.

Any vehicles impounded by the JPJ can be reclaimed/released after:

  1. The vehicle and the operator's identity have been ascertained

  2. The offence has been put to a stop

  3. A court order has been obtained.


Release of impounded vehicles

Impounded vehicles that have been cleared for release can be collected by:

  1. The registered owner

  2. Financial institutions (if not collected by the owner after a specific amount of time)

  3. Government agencies such as the police/customs

  4. Individuals who are appointed by the Estate Administrator

Commercial vehicles can be collected by:

  1. The company's director

  2. The company's general manager

  3. Secretary

  4. An appointed official


Documents required

The vehicle's registered owner and the claimant must be present at the JPJ office where the vehicle is stored along with:

  1. A written appeal

  2. The original registration card

  3. Valid LKM and insurance

  4. A valid driver's license which has not expired

  5. Identity card

  6. The original permit (for commercial/training vehicles)

  7. Form 49




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