Primary Functions of The Road Transport Department (JPJ)Malaysia

The Road Transport Department of Malaysia consists of 10 divisions that have their respective functions. Explanation of the function of each division is as follows:

  1. Coordinates aspects of human resource management such as recruitment, appointment, salary and allowances, retirement, promotion and SISPEN.
  2. Coordinates general office management covering aspects of cleanliness and comfort; management facilities such as parking, telephone, water, electricity, toilets and library.
  3. Performs as Secretariat for Disciplinary Management, Promotion, Office Integrity, Service and Excellence Awards.
  4. Plan, conduct and coordinate PTK examinations and confirmations.
  1. Plans and implements corporate and organizational development, and develop the department's web portal.
  2. Plan and carry out research and undertake continuous improvements on department's processes and products.
  3. Oversee quality management services to customers and act as secretariat for meetings and programs undertaken by the department.
  1. Manage the financial administration of affairs, assets and logistics.
  2. Manage and supervise the affairs of the annual budget and payments.
  3. Prepare reports five-year plan and the mid-term Review, making coordination and monitoring of developments project.
  4. Act as Secretarial Financial Management Committee Meeting Accounts Department level.
  1. Plan, implement and manage data, and Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN)..
  2. Implement and monitor the electronic delivery of system applications and services.
  3. Plan, implement and monitor Knowledge Management (Knowledge Management) services.
  1. Plan, coordinate and monitor the activities undertaken to improve the effectiveness of enforcement of the Road Transport Act 1987/ Commercial Vehicle Licensing Act 1987.
  2. Manage activities related to black list, KEJARA records, suspension or revocation of a driver's license.
  3. Plan, implement, monitor and evaluate enforcement program or new enforcement policies.
  4. Manage and maintain enforcement equipment such as firearms, vehicles and uniforms.
  1. Coordinates and regulates the inspection quality and standards at PUSPAKOM.
  2. Coordinates and monitor the legal and technical standards of vehicles.
  3. Manages the approvals of change of engine and chassis, commercial vehicle construction plans, light transparency and others.
  4. Works as Research and Development Center for Automotive Engineering.
  1. Conducts research, develops and monitors e-government projects, new registration, change of ownership and updates relevant acts and rules.
  2. Streamlines the registration and licensing of commercial and private.
  3. Manages the storage and maintenance of records of vehicles including those at the Central Recordkeeping..
  1. Plans, implements, reviews and sets the syllabus for Driver Education Curriculum and theoretical and practical trainings for all classes of driving license.
  2. Acts as the secretariat for meetings of the Committee for Driving Institute Grading (JKPIM) and provides accreditations to driving Institute.
  3. Plans, implements, reviews and monitors the activities of driver licensing under the scope of the e-Services project, in line with policy, legislations and agreements.
  1. Conducts investigations on lawsuit cases, misconducts in licensing transactions, driver licensing and Approve Site. 
  2. Monitors the activities of JPJ state and branch offices to ensure compliance with procedures, instructions and circulars of the Department.
  3. Performs audits on transactions involving vehicle and driver licensing and enforcement, storage management, finance, records, and screenings of promotion and awards.
  4. Perform audits of information data system for all transactions across the JPJ.
  1. Conducts accounting on all department revenues at JPJ branches, Pos Malaysia, PUSPAKOM, eKhidmat and collection agents.
  2. Coordinates and oversees the preparation of reconciliation reports of revenue and revenue collection.
  3. Manages financial documents received from Pos Malaysia, PUSPAKOM and collection agents.
  4. Monitors and inspects revenue collection procedures.
  5. Checks and verifies bank discounts to Service Providers and service fees for Gateway Provider..
  6. Develops and implements improvement on revenue collection system.
  7. Acts as the secretariat for Revenue Account Officer meetings.
  8. Manages the disposal of documents and financial records of revenue at the Headquarters.